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"Advanced Tooling Specialists understands Thermoform tooling. They apply the correct amount of precision and quality to our project and Thermoform tools."

                - ATS Customer

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Growing in 2011...

 It certainly has been an exciting start to 2011 at Advanced Tooling Specialists!  Due to the requests and feedback from our customers we have continued to innovate and forward think, as a result ATS has been able to experience sustained growth. A great mix of of our highly skilled employees and technology has lead to many exciting projects in the schedule, from OEM automation to custom die & mold tooling.  Our relentless pursuit of building a world class company has opened the doors to new markets and exciting research and development opportunities. These opportunities demand that we continue to find the most talented employees in the Manufacturing industry. The machines at ATS see different parts everyday, we are not a production shop. This equals an interesting and exciting workday for all members of our company.

See our employment section if you want more information on the specific job openings at ATS.




5th Axis CNC Machining of a Thermoform Tool

We have posted a new HD video demonstrating our 5th Axis CNC Machining. This is critical in reducing lead times by eliminating multiple set-ups and reducing product variability. This video features the Machining of a Thermoform Tool which is one of the offerings that ATS specializes in. Please call 920-954-5800 for more information on 5th Axis Machining and Thermoform Tooling.



Kitamura Vertical CNC Machining Center

Advanced Tooling Specialists is excited to show you our new Kitamura Vertical CNC Machining Center, here is a brief Video demonstrating the precision tooling that ATS is able to produce for our customers.

Capabilities we are now able to offer:

  • Machine Large Parts. 

  • High precision:
    Positioning Accuracy: +/-0.000078” / full stroke
    Repeatability: +/-0.000039” 

  • Powerful 4-Step Geared Spindle delivers high torque and high-speed for maximum machining flexibility
  • Choice of 40 or 50 Taper
  • High Pressure Coolant System, Intelligent Advance Control System, Ballscrew Cooling standard
  • Table traverse design for optimum work envelope utilization
  • Fast Shuttle–type APC delivers high production, operator safety & convenience